Life is good. It is though. Watch more sunsets. Visit…

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Fewer Words, More Photos

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Girona from the battlements

A Weekend Away

Just got back from a weekend away, and remembered that…

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Polar Aircraft

Aircraft of Canada

I’ve taken A LOT of photos over the past couple…

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Ceiling of Barcelona central post office.

A Regular, Remarkable Week

This is why I set myself this challenge. Currently, it’s…

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MacBook Air on a roof terrace in Toronto

Mac Software Essentials That You Should Be Using

Out of the box, a Mac is a thing of…

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Beavers in Vancouver

Originality is Overrated

I’ve had an idea. It’s not a particularly original one.…

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A day out in Barcelona


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The Lake District

Just pics this time.

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Keeping it Clean

I made a conscious decision to just use a laptop…

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