Author: Matt


Life is good. It is though. Watch more sunsets. Visit the sea more. Climb up mountains if you can. Walk through the woods if you can’t. If you can’t do either of those things, find something else, there are lots of good things to do. Pick one. Do it. Enjoy it. Then watch the sunset…

Girona from the battlements

A Weekend Away

Just got back from a weekend away, and remembered that I promised myself that I’d post at least something a week… So I’m doing a photo post this week. More words will follow, once brain rested has been enough to right words in put the order. ZzZzZz

Beavers in Vancouver

Originality is Overrated

I’ve had an idea. It’s not a particularly original one. I’ve decided to publicly profess my intention to write one blog post per week or more, for the entirety of 2016. You’ve heard that before, right? If you have a blog or website that you neglect, you’ve probably promised yourself that you’d do something similar…