About Matt

I’m the bloke whose name is currently in your browser’s address bar.

I would say something like “I live in a beautiful hipstery high-ceilinged apartment in MontrĂ©al’s Mile End with my dog and significant other”, but that’s not true any more; we’ve not lived near YUL for a few years now. However, if you’d prefer to continue to imagine that whilst perusing this site’s content feel free; please also in that case imagine me with a full head of hair, rippling abs and a darkly enigmatic expression befitting the creative author that I am not.

My day job is fairly technical and detail-oriented, which is fine. I’m good at that. But on occasion I feel the need to do something that doesn’t involve the development of software and its associated admin. For instance I like to take photos, make things out of wood, and fly little planes to randomly selected places.

This website serves as a kind of outlet for those reflective and creative urges. One which I don’t have to write unit tests for.

If you’re looking for my professional face, you should head over to jammy.io, as that’s where the serious biznis gets done. Here it’s all ranting, photos and pseudo-philosophical nonsense tangentially related to something that caught my eye or mind recently.