Life is good. It is though.

Watch more sunsets. Visit the sea more. Climb up mountains if you can. Walk through the woods if you can’t. If you can’t do either of those things, find something else, there are lots of good things to do. Pick one. Do it. Enjoy it. Then watch the sunset and reflect upon it.

That thing that’s stressing you out? That thing you’ve been putting off doing? Forget it. Don’t do it, or do, whatever, in the meantime, check out that fusion reactor in the sky that’s only not killing you because some molecules that are too small for you to see are absorbing the deadly energy it’s putting out. Not deliberately, not because some bureaucrat made proposed a law for that sort of thing and it’s being rigorously enforced by grey, humourless men in machine-washable suits, just because.

We got lucky. Everything happened this way because we’re the lucky ones. There are countless places in the universe that the conditions weren’t right and there’s nothing there that can read this. Nobody’s watching the sunset.

So watch it, enjoy it. Or you know, don’t. It’ll be there again tomorrow.