Ceiling of Barcelona central post office.

A Regular, Remarkable Week

This is why I set myself this challenge. Currently, it’s very tempting to try and tell myself that it’s fine, that I technically wrote two posts last week so I don’t need to do one this week. But then a little reminder popped up on my phone, stating that if I don’t post something before 8pm London time tonight, a post proclaiming my failure will appear on mattfenlon.com, and it will be known. Unless I sabotage myself and delete that post that is… I decided not to, instead to post something of at best marginal, but perhaps no interest to anyone, myself included. But it is content, and that’s what I promised myself that I would produce once a week for a year. Not good content necessarily, but content.

But what if there’s nothing to write about? When I come to write something I can’t remember anything of note happening… Perhaps that’s because I’m a spoiled westerner with a shiny new phone, ostentatious laptop, leather jacket and that very real first-world problem that is “how am I going to fit all of my gadgets into a laptop bag next time that I travel?!…”. The struggle is real, people.

So what does a technophile bloke who can’t think of something to write about on a Sunday night write about? Politics? Too easy, and depressing. Religion? Um, too inflammatory. Ah, I’ll just dump some photos and videos from the past week into a video editor and publish it. 😛

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